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Drive customer centricity through continuous process innovation.
Newgen Intelligent Business Process Suite (iBPS) is the BPM platform of choice for organizations looking to transform their operations through customer centric process innovations.

You can now leverage the best of traditional BPMS offerings from Newgen in combination with cutting-edge, emerging technologies in Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) and Internet of Things (IoT) to attain speed and agility in your business. The Case Management Framework built on top of the Newgen IBPS allows you to build customer centric processes with agility that gets you closer to your customers and gain a distinct competitive advantage.

Core Capabilities of Newgen IBPS

Collaborative Process Modeling: You can design smarter processes in a collaborative environment where all stakeholders work collaboratively on various aspects of the process modeling. The designed processes are then simulated using “what-if” analysis to help assess upfront the dynamic behavior of processes in varying conditions.

Smart Process Execution: The IBPS Workflow engine lies at the core of the platform and orchestrates all structured and ad-hoc processes. It ensures standardization yet provides the flexibility to change processes dynamically and manage in-flight process changes effectively.

Agile Business Rules Management: The Business Rules Management System (BRMS) helps manage business policies that govern all processes in an enterprise. It delivers new levels of agility and control by empowering users to take charge of the processes and introduce changes in real-time.

Monitoring and Analytics: Newgen iBPS expands the scope of process analytics by encompassing active, on-demand and predictive analytics along with real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). It fosters operational intelligence through improved process visibility.

User Interface Personalization: Newgen Omni-App brings together disparate enterprise applications and provides a user friendly interface to access them. Personalization and contextualization allows business users to make informed decisions and enhance their productivity.

Dynamic Case Management: Newgen Case Management Framework built on top of the iBPS platform supports unstructured and dynamic processes. It allows knowledge workers to respond to unforeseeable business scenarios, while maintaining the process integrity and trackability.

Social: Newgen iBPS offers ready adapters to tap market intelligence from Social Media platforms. The solution enables enterprises to identify prospects, acquire new customers, crowdsource, cross-sell/up-sell, and manage service requests using social platforms.

Mobility: Newgen iBPS provides enterprise users with “on-the-move” access to processes and information on their mobile devices, improving the responsiveness and overall business performance.

Cloud: Newgen iBPS delivered on cloud is a scalable, secure and reliable way to access all features of our intelligent BPM platform without significant up-front capital expenditure. Newgen iBPS on Cloud addresses the growth needs of both small and large businesses.